Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A truly rare moment, captured

One of the sites that I like to visit for great photography is It usually takes only a minute to find a photo that makes me turn green with envy. I wish that I had the equipment and the talent to take incredible photos. One day I will, but for now I admire the works of others and daydream.

I was browsing the site today and came across this image, which I was going to just use as my desktop wallpaper, until I read the story behind the photo. If you know me at all, you'll probably realize that I am now INSANELY jealous of the photographer. You'll see why when you read the story she posted about how she got this shot (posted below the image).


by Elin Torger

The story behind this photo:

The summer 2008 I met a little fox in the woods.....

I went out to photograph flowers...I was in the middle of the forest among the pine needles and leaves and flowers...and mosquitoes...the sun was coming was a little chilly...

"Bang!"...what was that...? "Bang!" was branches and cones, which fell down from the trees...I thought it sounded like hoof steps...

"Cough!?...?Sneezy!?...What was this? I turned around ... and find to my surprise, a little red was coughing...maby either it was cold, or allergic..;)

?Typical...?...I thought...?I don`t have my zoom lens with me...?

I started to approach the little fox jumped all around...back and forth ...back and forth...
Finally...after maybe fifteen minutes, he sat down...
I approached sudden movements... slowly...

There I front of the little fox...eye to eye, for maybe a half meter from it, with my Tamron 90 mm...without a bad light...mosquitoes all over.....

Each time the sharpness locked on the camera and it clicked...the little fox leaned his head...:))

There he small and sweet and red.....:)

If you click on the title of the picture (Vigilant), it will take you to the page that this picture is posted on. If you enjoy it, leave her a comment.


  1. ohhh I am so jealous too!
    This would be my dream to do this for a living.

    Thanks for sharing i'll check the link and leave a comment

  2. You and I both. Although, there's also something really special about the fact that this was not at all what the woman set out to do - it just all happened so naturally. I haven't stopped thinking about her encounter since I first read it...

  3. Hello, Elin Torger here...someone said to me to read this blog becouse I was mentioned, and so great that you wrote about my meeting whit the little fox:)