Saturday, February 28, 2009


I'm constantly trying to take good pictures of birds, especially in flight. Unfortunately, I don't have a good camera for doing this. Tough to get good wildlife pictures with an average point-and-shoot camera, unless the wildlife is motionless, in perfect light, and let's me get real close to it. And I have a tripod at the time. So what happens is I end up with a hard drive full of mediocre-to-bad photos of birds. Sometimes I leave them alone and never really go back to them, and sometimes I try and make them a little bit better in some way. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't.

I took some pictures of crows this week at work, and tried to at least do something interesting with what were otherwise pretty poor quality shots.

I haven't decided if I like the outcome or not. But I guess I don't hate it. Yet.


  1. bird in flight is the symbol of freedom... it sound common but i love it! Tq for sharing

  2. Thanks! I have a fascination with birds that I've purposely kept sort of child-like, in that I've not attempted to learn much more about them than I can learn by watching them. I'm guessing that sounds weird, but it helps keep the "wonder" in it all for me.

    The bird really is the perfect symbol of freedom. There's so much majesty in their flight.