Sunday, February 22, 2009

Flight of the Perroquet

Perroquet (named for the member of the parrot family that is the subject of the photos) was an exhibit that ran in late 2008 in Europe. I came across these images on one site, and found the source here.

As much as I am absolutely opposed to any birds being held in captivity (unless there are simply no alternatives), I found these images to be too visually striking to not share.

If you follow the link to where these images came from, you can read about why and how the artist did this, as well as see some more pictures, and 8 short slow-motion videos of the perroquet flying by. The videos are really fascinating if you have any interest in birds, as you get a chance to really see details in how the perroquet flies, thanks to special high-speed cameras that were used.

Though I don't consider myself to be a "bird-watcher" in the classical sense, in truth I could happily sit for hours and do just that - watch birds. So for me, these pictures and videos are the perfect way to really be able to study a bird in flight.


Pic 1

Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4


  1. Stunning photos!

    I actually had a lot of birds growing up. We lived on a property and we had an alexandrea, king parrot and we also cared for other sick and injured birds.

    They could leave if they wished but they didn't. We had branches that came off our balcony over to our property. We had bird seed and baths everywhere and we attracted all sorts of beautiful birds. It was lovely to have them outside during the day but then they would come sit on our shoulder and let us stroke them.

    We would never keep them in a cage however. We had cages there with the doors open where they sometimes slept. That was it.

    It also gave people who were scared of birds a chance to get close to them when they came to my place too.

  2. Ah, see now that sounds really wonderful. Enough so to make me a little envious even. In my opinion, the way you did it is the only way to "have" birds, and it sounds like both you and the birds had it really good. One day when I own a house, I'd like to think I will set up something similar - a place where birds can hang out and hopefully, maybe, become friendly with me.

    Thanks for the great story!