Friday, February 20, 2009

A blog by any other name...

I've just changed the name of my blog for the second time, and most certainly not the last. Probably not the best way to accumulate readers, but then, that's not really my intent here, as nice as it would be to have hundreds of followers.

So I thought I'd just keep a running list of the names I've used. When I first started this one, I called it "Life as I know it (is probably about to change)". I liked that one, and it felt true (still does), but I also started noticing how many other variations of that theme there are (not at all surprisingly). A lot of "The world as I see it" and "The world according to..." and titles like that. And I like being just a little bit different than the masses (which begs the question, "why did I start a blog then?") So I decided to change mine to "Because I'm not you (that's why)", which I also liked and still like, but it also seems a bit...harsh, or something. Which wasn't my intent. My initial thought about it was that it was the perfect answer to anyone who read my blog and thought "Why did he...?".

So now I'm changing it again. This new one that I'm using - "Inside my head (in words and pictures)" - seems fine for now, but I can already tell I'll get bored of it eventually.

The need to change the name of the blog from time-to-time might have something to do with my recently self-diagnosed ADD, but that's a post for another time. For now, I'll just feel free to change the name occasionally, and I'll hope it doesn't confuse those few of you that visit here once in a while.

3/23/09: Just changed the name again to "Picture Window - a glimpse into my world". I like this one a lot, and think I'll keep it for a while.


  1. Believe me you dont want 100's of followers, you just cant keep up with visiting everyone (or I cant) and according to my stats only about 3% comment, the rest read only... but I love those 3% as their thoughts give me something to bounce off and ponder...

    I liked 'Because Im not You' made me think good, someone who doesnt think like me.. I couldnt do 'Inside my Head' scary stuff in there... it shouldnt confuse others as your picture is at the top of the page...

    Tis your space, go with the changes, as its really a reflection of the changes in you... Have a beautiful weekend

  2. Thank you A'Jay! I imagine you're right on about having lots and lots of followers - hard to keep up. I have a hard enough time just keeping up with the people I know in person.

    I actually really like(d) "Because I'm not you" as well, and who knows, I may even revert back to that at some point. A few years ago I had even thought about making a t-shirt that said that, or some variation. Initially, it stemmed from being tired of being told (mostly by one former friend) that somehow I wasn't doing something the way they thought I should, even when it didn't concern them. "Why am I doing it this way? Because that's the way I do it. You want it done your way, you do it." Of course, that only works in my personal life. At work, it's mostly the opposite.

    I also think you're pretty right on with the percentage of people that comment. For me, it might be slightly lower still. But I love the comments, and wish more people left them, but then, I'm not always good about that myself, so I can't really judge.

    I hope your weekend is wonderful as well! Free of smoke and fire, of course...

  3. nice new name...

    p/s: sumtim i'm too lazy to comment uhhuhu... but generally i love your blog! heheh

  4. Thanks Ursley! I know what you mean, because I'm much the same way.

  5. i like the name. Mine has been xanadu so long i just don't care anymore, even tho there are no pictures of disco roller skating muses. The layout on the other hand i change like i change

  6. Funny! Especially to me, as I've also been considering changing the layout a little bit. Maybe just a different header...we'll see.