Tuesday, November 18, 2008


When Tiffany and I were looking for a second cat a couple of years ago, we ended up at the Humane Society. There were a bunch of kittens there, so many that they had overflowed from the regular "housing" beyond the swinging doors out into the front room, where they sat in wire cages. We were looking at these front room kittens, and we each kept being drawn towards this one grey kitten who was clearly older and bigger than the others. Just barely kitten-size still, really. We finally asked to hold her in a small room where we could play with her. She was super active, wanting to explore everything in the room, but she also gave us a little time to pet her.

After a short while, we were ready to put her back so we could talk about it. We opened the cage door, and Tiff set her back inside. Before we could close the door, the cat spun around and jumped from the cage onto Tiff, scurrying up to her neck where she proceeded to bury her little furry head, all full of purrs. Tiff looked at me with big watery doe-eyes. "I think she loves me", she said.

And that's how Trixie chose us.

(Trixie's first day at home with us)


  1. Our little bean sprout is such an angel! She loves us so much. I can't imagine what our life would be like without any of our kitties. We're pretty lucky!


  2. when we come over next week, i need to ask you some serious questions about cats, because fiona and colette are freaking out.

    you guys are the cat whisperers, so i'm gonna need some whispering help, 'kay?