Saturday, November 22, 2008

Vegetarian Shoes

I'm really liking these boots I recently got. I needed to replace my Doc Marten's, but I was also hoping to do so without using leather. Fortunately, as more and more people start to consider how they might lessen their impact on the animal world, more and more companies are starting to offer alternative products that really are cool and not just your stereo-typical tree-hugger birkenstocks and hemp clothing.

The company that makes these is called Vegetarian Shoes, and they're based in the U.K. I got my pair from a shop here in California that carries the Veg Shoes line.

Vegetarian Shoes makes a line that for all intents and purposes are the perfect Doc Marten replacements, even offering the various colors like blue, green or red. But, they also have many other styles and products - not just shoes and boots.

If you need to get a new pair of shoes or boots, I recommend that you give this company a look. If you find something you like, you're not only getting yourself something cool, but you're doing just one more thing to help out the animals, and wouldn't that make you feel just a little bit better?


  1. my favorite pair of shoes....
    red doc marten boots... 15+ years old purchased in england...
    worn with perfection...
    i also own a pair of vegetarian doc marten shoes...
    my second favorite pair of shoes ; )

  2. Therein lies the big problem with leading the lifestyle which we lead, mi hermano.... finding alternatives for our footwear!
    i own a pair of London Underground boots which are killer cool and have the white outline stitching around sole and on toe and laces (i've never been a fan of Doc's and always favoured LU for their look and feel). I've had them over 12 years and they still look and feel perfect.
    the boots you've found and purchased look very cool and have that european kick....

    here is another link to a site which sells vegan friendly footwear.....

  3. I just checked out the site posted in the comment above, and I have to say, I like it. A lot. Being at work, I don't have time to give it a thorough look at the moment, but at first glance, and having looked over a few pages briefly, I like what I see, and I'll be supporting them - both morally, and as a consumer.

    I would recommend to anyone reading this that they check it out as well. Even if you're not as concerned with animal and human rights as a personal mission, who wouldn't want to support the companies that are, if they have products you like?

    El Taxista, you have my thanks for the tip.

  4. I don't think veg shoes make the things but there are still people making vegan shoes in Australia, Wisconsin and England. Here are some pictures of them doing it for Veganline and Vegan Wares:

    I don't have a picture of the Wisconsin factory that made for Shoes With Soles but would be interested to know who it was,