Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Where the hell is Matt?

So, this guy Matt had this very simple idea that originally was just sort of for his own amusement, but it turned into something much more.

Matt turned a simple, goofy dance into a way to bring people together. He's traveled the world, and has danced with people from all walks of life.

This video reminds us of that which we too easily forget: that while there are millions of differences between the various peoples of the world, in our hearts and souls we are all the same. We want to have food, and water, and shelter. We want to love, and feel loved. We want to be happy, and we want to laugh. It's when we get caught up in the details that we lose our way. It's when we let our walls down that we truly connect with each other.

Matt, wherever you may be, thank you for reminding me to let my walls down.

(you can click on Matt's name to go to his website to see more videos, and I would recommend doing so in order to view the video in a sharper, larger size.)


  1. Chris, thanks for that mate...been on a downer of late and my feel good factor just went through the roof...

    Hope you dont mind that I borrow it and spread the word...if you ever want to drift to my blog flick me an email at

    abbey.angeltears@gmail.com and ill send you an invite.

    Hate to sound thick as...but what does a 'Graphic Designer' do?

  2. Yes, please share this with others (this goes for anyone who reads this). You don't even need to link it to my blog, go ahead and just spread it around. I've seen the video so many times and each time I get chills from it. I think what Matt did was really really cool, and I definitely think he deserves tons of credit and attention for it.

  3. I also got chills from watching this. It really, really made me feel good. It's awesome what matt's done here. It restores my faith in humanity and your right, brings us back to equals.

    love it!