Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cubicle View

In this country, there are millions of people who spend their day at work in drab cubicles. I am one of those. Very few of us, however, have the pleasure of enjoying a view such as the one that I have from the windows next to me.

I work in a very new building which sits right on the edge of the bay. The group I work in is fortunate enough to be on the third (top) floor, right in front of a row of large floor-to-ceiling windows.

This is not something I take for granted. Every day that I come in to work, I marvel at the amazing sights that I have before me. There are tons of water birds everywhere, and even seals and otters, which I've spotted several times from my desk but have been unable to get a good picture of.

Even when the weather turns dark and cold, the view is magnificent. I took this shot yesterday, three feet from my desk. One day soon, I'll post a panoramic shot, as this one is just a small part of the total view that I have.

Lucky me.


  1. Oh now I am jealous, thats gorgeous. We overlook the neighbours back yard, once there was a koala outside our window... slept all day though

  2. And that's the funny twist that life throws at us. I would LOVE to sit at my desk and be able to watch a koala sleeping all day. Not that I wouldn't miss my current view...

  3. I just have a view of the city, which sometimes looks magical when theres a storm or at sunset.
    I would love to have a view of nature. Instead I have pictures of family, friends and animals all over my desk

  4. you forgot the view of your awesome neighbor to the left when you glance over the cube walls. ME. awesomeness incarnate.

  5. I was saving that post for a special occasion.