Monday, June 22, 2009

Old & Tattered

Got this shot of a pretty ragged looking crow about to land on an equally ragged looking tree. A friend of mine said it looked like an album cover, and I have to agree.


  1. Thanks again man! Just saw some of your stuff on flickr - you have some awesome stuff too!

  2. ragged rock. the new genre the grateful undead.

  3. I joy to watch the ragged crow

    Who soars betweens the gusts as though

    He cares not where, he minds not when

    He tacks upon his course again

    As so assured and so aware

    He glides amongst the autumn there

    He cries his lofty, chilled lament

    With dark suggestion, free intent

    So independent with distain

    He glances back to me again

    And off as pointless as he came

    Without procedure, without aim

    I joy to watch the ragged crow

    Without a thought for who's below.

  4. Anonymous - awesome poem. Thank you!