Sunday, May 17, 2009

On the water

Yesterday was a great day. The weather was gorgeous and hot, and I went with a couple of friends to a car show that the streets get closed off for. On the walk back home, we were talking about the beautiful scenery that often gets overlooked by people who only want new shopping malls and modern, yet bland housing. I took this shot just on a whim as we were crossing over the bridge. I'm planning on getting back to that area to take some more shots, but with a little more thought behind them.


  1. I Love this picture man, Make me feel like Andre the Giant, if only i had a 1 ply unitard, i would rip it off and ... wait. No.... thats not right. It makes me feel like the Gulliver... I want to do this to some of my pics. Heres where you can help me. :) cos I have no clue

  2. You crack me up! Also, we just watched the Princess Bride for the 50th time this weekend. Makes me miss Andre. RIP.

    The process is easier than you'd think. I'll send you the link to a tutorial. Oh, and thanks!