Monday, January 12, 2009

The Secret Lives of Kingpins

Here, we see a young Tony Montana, cocaine kingpin (cleverly disguised in a shirt that he borrowed), just seconds before he approached the three men in the background. Swiftly raising his gun, Tony yelled out three quick shots - "Bang bang bang!!".

The men, denying they had been shot, even after Tony told them he had shot them and they were now supposed to be dead, did not press charges. A miffed Tony Montana told them they were not only not his best friends, but they would not be allowed to come to his birthday party.

Weeks later, Tony would come across them again and cut them into pieces with a chainsaw.


  1. Another image I came across at

  2. you took my 'follower' virginity. thanks for being such a gentleman about it ;-)

  3. "Say hello to my little friend!"
    "My name is TNT and I'm about to explode!"

  4. Laugh, you are on a roll Chris... bit of a theme running here...mmmm?

  5. The pictures, they speak to me. But I kind of like the theme...endless material to work with, if I'm in the right frame of mind...

  6. Niiiice. Nothing like a little boy dressed like a Columbian Drug lord to get your point across.
    I love the bit about the birthday party. HAHAHAHA!!!